Solenne CAROF, Systèmes de soin, catégorisations et expériences Quelle(s) spécificité(s) des cancers de l’enfant ?, Avec Thibaud Pombet and Emilien Schultz (dir.),  Anthropologie et Santé, n°23, 2021

This special section explores the relationship between pediatric cancers as a biomedical category and the experiences of children, adolescents, young adults, parents, physicians and those around them affected by these diseases. Pediatric cancers are indeed a singular and complex category, whose contours vary on a global scale according to the political, geographical and socio-economic contexts considered. At the crossroads between studies focusing on sick children and research on the organization of highly medicalized cancer care, the papers of this special section draw upon investigations of both families and health care services in different countries. The contributions underline the significant discrepancies of conditions of care, treatments, and thus of evolution of the disease, as well as the variety of family structures and health systems.

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