27-29 June 2024, International Symposium: « Engaging with Boudon: Insights for Contemporary Sociological Science »

Sorbonne University, Maison de la Recherche • 28 rue Serpente, Paris 6e → Amphi Molinié (D035)

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Almost eleven years after Boudon’s passing, Engaging with Boudon proposes a new systematic assessment of Boudon’s scientific legacy for today social theory and empirical research as well as for teaching sociology.
The symposium brings together scholars from different generations who accepted to engage with Boudon’s specific pieces of work in order to assess how the main ideas developed in the chosen pieces are currently at work in contemporary sociological research.
The selected pieces to be commented on cover all main topics and research areas in which Raymond Boudon’s landmarks can be reasonably found, including the methodology of generative models and numerical simulations, the sociology of social stratification, the sociology of social change, the sociology of values and beliefs, the theory of action and of rationality, as well as the history of sociological thought.


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Thursday 27th June

09:30−09:50 Introduction
Pierre-Michel Menger (Collège de France and Académie des sciences morales et politiques)

Foundations and Tools
Session chaired by Pierre Demeulenaere (Sorbonne University, Gemass)

10:00−10:25 Generative Models & Analytical Sociology
Peter Hedström (University of Linköping)

10:35−11:00 Statistics, Mathematics and Computation
Lucas Sage (European University Institute)

11:10 Break

11:30−11:55 Structures and Structuralism
François Héran (Collège de France)

12:05−12:30 Game Theory, Strategic Action, and Social Structure
Delia Baldassarri (New York University)

13:00 Lunch

Social Mobility
Session chaired by Gianluca Manzo (Sorbonne University, Gemass)

14:30−14:55 Inequality of Educational Opportunity
Richard Breen (Oxford University)

15:05−15:30 Inequality of Social Opportunity
Gunn E. Birkelund (University of Oslo)

15:40 Break

16:00−16:25 On the Relationship between Inequality of Educational Opportunity and Inequality of Social Opportunity: A Reassessment of the Third Section of « L’inégalité des chances » (1973)
Louis-André Vallet (CNRS, Gemass)

16:35−17:00 Boudon’s Mobility Model. Game Theory and Empirical Evidence
Andreas Diekmann (ETH, Zürich)

18:00 Cocktail → Campus des Cordeliers, 15 rue de l’École de Médecine Paris 6e

Friday 28th June

Types of Theories
Session chaired by Gérald Bronner (Sorbonne University, Gemass)

09:30−09:50 Middle-Range Theorizing
Hartmut Esser (Mannheim University)

10:05−10:30 Social Dynamics
Emily Erikson (Yale University)

10:40 Break

11:00−11:25 Types of Sociology
Filippo Barbera (University of Turin)

11:35−12:00 Methodological Individualism and Macro‑Sociological Research: 
A Discussion of Boudon’s Insights
Nathalie Bulle (CNRS, Gemass)

12:30 Lunch

Rationality and Values
Session chaired by Michel Dubois (CNRS, Gemass)

14:30−14:55 Coleman’s Problem and Boudon’s Solution: Rational Choice Theory as a Tool for Sociology
Werner Raub (Utrecht University)

15:05−15:30 Macroscopic Changes in the Distribution of Values
Max Haller (University of Graz)

15:40−16:05 Rationality, Reasons and Transsubjective Relevance
Pierre Demeulenaere (Sorbonne University, Gemass)

16:15 Break

16:30−16:55 Relativism
Simon Langlois (Université Laval)

17:05−17:30 Was Raymond Boudon too Optimistic about Rationality and Values?
Gérald Bronner (Sorbonne University, Gemass)

Saturday 29th June

Sociology and its Classics
Session chaired by Nathalie Bulle (CNRS, Gemass)

09:30−09:50 Boudon and the Extraterrestrials. 
A Generative Model of the Emergence of a Religion
Jörg Stolz (University of Lausanne)

10:05−10:30 Teaching Sociology and the History of Sociology
Fernando San Antonio & Francisco J. Miguel (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

10:40 Break

11:00−11:25 Boudon on Tocqueville.
Stephen Turner (University of South Florida)

11:35−12:00 The Transnational Circulation of a Scientific Ethos for Sociology: lessons from the Raymond Boudon’s correspondence
Michel Dubois (CNRS, Gemass)


12:10−12:30 Gianluca Manzo (Sorbonne University, Gemass)

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A symposium organised with the support of the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation (Institut de France), Sorbonne University (Faculté des Lettres), Gemass (Groupe d’étude des méthodes de l’analyse sociologique de la Sorbonne), the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and endorsed by the European Academy of Sociology (EAS)

Organising Committee

Gérald Bronner (Sorbonne University, Gemass)
Nathalie Bulle (CNRS, Gemass)
Pierre Demeulenaere (Sorbonne University, Gemass)
Michel Dubois (CNRS, Gemass)
Alexandra Frénod (CNRS, Gemass)
Gianluca Manzo (Sorbonne University, Gemass)
Georgie Milard (CNRS, Gemass)

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