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Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation, avec AMBLARD F. (dir.), Oxford, The Bardwell Press, 2007

Denis PHAN and Frédéric AMBLARD

Oxford, The Bardwell Press, 2007

This volume brings together contributions from leading researchers in the field of agent-based modelling and simulation. This approach has grown out of some recent and innovative ideas in the social sciences, computer sciences, life sciences, physics and game theory. It is proving helpful in understanding complexity in many domains. The opportunities it offers to explore the experimental approach to social and human behaviour is proving of theoretical and empirical value accross a wide range of fields.
With contributions from researchers whose work has served to define this new field such as Nigel Gilbert, Robert Axtell (in economics and social science) and Jacques Ferber (in multi-agent systems), as well as practitioners who are working at the cutting edge of the new domain, this collection of essays has been assembled by two of its leading exponents : Frédéric Amblard and Denis Phan.
The research, case studies and theoretical approaches duscussed in this book are designed to introduce beginners and experts alike to the current state of play in this new and exciting field of social science.

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