Nicolas Cheplagin

After finishing my Master’s in microelectronics at Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, I went on to complete a doctorate/PhD  at the same institute.  The title of my PhD research was ‘The analytical theory of dispersion in some common optical waveguide structures’. During this period, co-authored six scientific papers.

Shortly afterwards, I enrolled in Master’s program in sociology at the French University College of Saint-Petersburg State University. I chose to specialise in the sociology of science, writing a dissertation entitled, ‘The Transformation of work in a start-up. A case of commercialisation of scientific research in the space field’.

In 2020, I began a Master’s in sociology at Sorbonne University, focusing on computer simulation-based scientific work. Having completed my MA, I decided to do a PhD at the same institution, focusing on the  sociology of climate science. Currently in my first year of study, the framework of my PhD project is twofold. First, I do fieldwork in the Pierre-Simone Laplace Institute, the academic establishment that embraces several French climatology labs. I try to uncover the multiplicity of stages that take place in order to make the ‘Earth System’ simulation; I account for the writing of source codes, for the implementation of new components in climate models, as well as for computation and comparison of simulation results. Second, drawing upon biblio- and scientometrics, I analyse various types of collaboration—or a lack thereof—throughout the development of national climate models that participate in the IPCC climate assessment report.

My current academic work has not yet yielded any publications.