Nicolas Cheplagin

After finishing my Master’s in microelectronics at Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, I went on to complete a doctorate/PhD  at the same institute. The title of my PhD research was ‘The analytical theory of dispersion in some common optical waveguide structures’. During this period, I published six scientific papers.

Shortly afterwards, I enrolled in Master’s program in sociology at the French University College of Saint-Petersburg State University. I chose to specialise in the sociology of science, writing a dissertation entitled, ‘The Transformation of work in a start-up. A case of commercialisation of scientific research in the space field’.

In 2020, I began a Master’s in sociology at Sorbonne University, focusing on computer simulation-based scientific work. Having completed my MA, I decided to do a PhD at the same institution, focusing on the  sociology of climate science. Currently in my first year of study, the framework of my PhD project is twofold. First, I do fieldwork in the Pierre-Simone Laplace Institute, the academic establishment that embraces several French climatology labs. I try to uncover the multiplicity of stages that take place in order to make the ‘System Earth’ simulation; I account for the writing of source codes, for the implementation of new components in climate models, as well as for computation, verification and comparison of simulation results. On the other hand Second, I perform the statistical survey of academic publications in the field. Drawing upon biblio- and scientometrics, I analyse various types of collaboration—or a lack thereof—throughout the development of national climate models that participate in the IPCC climate assessment report.

My current academic work has not yet yielded any publications.