Razmig KEUCHEYAN, Left Hemisphere. Mapping Critical Theory Today, Londres, Verso, 2013, Traduction de Hémisphère gauche. Une cartographie des nouvelles pensées critiques, Paris, La Découverte, coll. "Zones", 2010, , 2013

Left Hemisphere: Mapping Critical Theory Today
by Razmig Keucheyan Translated by Gregory Elliott
A panoramic account of the world’s leading writers and thinkers

As the crisis of capitalism unfolds, the need for alternatives is felt ever more intensely. The struggle between radical movements and the forces of reaction will be merciless. A crucial battlefield, where the outcome of the crisis will in part be decided, is that of theory.

Over the last twenty-five years, radical intellectuals across the world have produced important and innovative ideas. The endeavour to transform the world without falling into the catastrophic traps of the past has been a common element uniting these new approaches.

This book—aimed at both the general reader and the specialist—offers the first global cartography of the expanding intellectual field of critical contemporary thought. More than thirty authors and intellectual currents of every continent are presented in a clear and succinct manner. A history of critical thought in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is also provided, helping situate current thinkers in a broader historical and sociological perspective.