Gianluca MANZO, Gianluca Manzo (dir.), Theories and Social Mechanisms. Essays in Honour of Mohamed Cherkaoui. Vol.I Theories, Oxford, The Bardwell Press, 2015., , 2015

This Festschrift has been prepared to celebrate the life and work of Professor Mohamed Cherkaoui (b. 1945). It provides 37 articles contributed by leading sociologists and social scientists, whose essays explore and evaluate aspects of his many contributions to the understanding of contemporary society in both France itself and at a more global level, as well as his insights into some of the central geopolitical issues of the 21st century.

[Read here the book review by Adriana Mica (2018) « Theories and social mechanisms: essays in honour of Mohammed Cherkaoui, volumes one and two / Including a symposium on Albert O. Hirschman, » European Societies
DOI: 10.1080/14616696.2018.1478113 ->]


On the occasion of the publication, a reception was organized on 13 November 2015
Listen here to the speeches of Olivier Galland, Peter Hamilton, Jacques Lautman, Gianluca Manzo and Mohamed Cherkaoui
(to be noted : audibility will be improved by the use of headphones)

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