Research interest

  • sociology of migration, social inequalities and ethno-racial stratification
  • sociology of descendants of immigrants
  • Intersectionality
  • social mobility and transnational mobility
  • Life Course, Ethnography of the Particular and Multi-Sited Ethnography
  • international comparative studies : France-Germany


Thesis advisor : Beate Collet (GEMASS) and Ingrid Tucci (CNRS-LEST)
Start : 2020
PhD dissertation : “Femininity, social mobility and transnational paths: Study of life courses of young women with parents originated from Turkey, between Germany, France and Turkey”

This thesis proposal focuses on the trajectories of female transclass (JAQUET, 2014) descendants of Turkish immigrants and analyses their social and spatial mobility by concentrating on three cities that marked their life courses: Paris, Berlin and Istanbul.
In this research I suggest concentrating on the resources from which transclass descendants of Turkish immigrants draw their dual belonging. Through their higher education, if they have attained a higher cultural capital and social status than their parents and most of their Turkish counterparts, as descendants of Turkish parents they are forced to negotiate their places between the country in which they grew up and studied and the country of their parents, serving as a cultural reference. It is important to underline that while in Germany we observe an over-visibility of the Turkish originated citizens, the latter seems to be a subject of invisibility in the French context. Therefore a comparative approach combined with the multi-sited ethnography seems to be essential in understanding the interlinked dimensions (gender and the construction of femininity, social mobility and the intercultural and transnational dimension) of transclass Turkish descendants.
In doing so, this project will be constructed around the life courses of 30 Berliners and 30 Parisians (aged between 25 and 35) consisting mainly in biographical interviews. While the 20 of my interlocutors have already settled in Istanbul or have decided to do so in the future, reconstruction of life stories based on data from major surveys (SOEP for Germany and TeO2 for France) will constitute the other elements to reinforce our analysis.

Teaching assistant

2021-2022: sociological tradition – german sociology (CM), (Bachelor 1st year, Sorbonne Université)

2021-2022: Theory and concepts (TD), french sociological traditions , (Bachelor 2nd year, Sorbonne Université)

2020- 2021: Méthodes quantitatives (TD), (Bachelor 1st year, Université de Créteil)

2020-2021: Theory and concepts (TD), french sociological traditions , (Bachelor 2nd year, Sorbonne Université)


(2021) «Descendantes d’immigrés originaires de Turquie en France et en Allemagne : Des transclasses avec des parcours de vie à mobilité spatiale intra- et transnationale », [Probable/ Improbable], 10ème Rencontre Jeunes & sociétés, 28 octobre

(2021) «Descendantes d’immigrés originaires de Turquie en France et en Allemagne : Des transclasses à mobilité spatiale intra- et transnationale confrontées au discriminations racistes», RT2 French Sociology Association, 9 july

(2021) «Weiblichkeit, soziale Mobilität und transnationale Laufbahnen : Lebenswegsstudien junger Frauen mit aus der Türkei stammenden Eltern zwischen Deutschland, Frankreich und der Türkei », phd-candidate workshop, Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin, 27 mai

Other Research Activities

  • Fellow of Institut Convergences Migrations
  • Member of Philomel (Gender research group), Sorbonne Université
  • Alternate Representative of th Phd-candidates
  • co-organiser of the journée doctorale du GEMASS, 2021


  • 2014-2016 : Université Paris VII – Diderot
    Research Master of Sociology and Anthropology, Migration and Inter-Ethnical Relations
  • 2013-2014 : Galatasaray Université, Istanbul and Aix-Marseille-Université
    Master 1 of Sociology
  • 2010-2013 : Aix-Marseille-Université
    Bachelor of Sociology