2015 – Les jeunes et la radicalité religieuse et politique. Une enquête auprès des lycéens, menée par Olivier Galland (Gemass) et Anne Muxel (Cevipof) – 2015-2017

This project originated with the observation that the social sciences remain largely unable to offer a data-based interpretation of “radical behavior” alleged to some young people. Qualitative studies are conducted for unacceptably small samples which make it impossible to validate and generalize results. Moreover, existing quantitative studies are frequently centered on the sole criterion of discrimination.
We propose to conduct a quantitative study based on self-administered questionnaires (supplemented with interviews) of high-school students. Interviewee selection will occur on a national scale and will be carried out at the neighborhood level (ZUS). Interviews will incorporate assumptions that have been made by field researchers who have worked on radicalism. According to this work, religion might be only one of the multiple grounds of radicalism among young people. Beyond religion, the study will also include other forms of radicalization.

Cette recherche a donné lieu à la publication de l’ouvrage : Olivier Galland et Anne Muxel (dir.), La Tentation radicale. Enquête auprès des lycéens, Paris, PUF, 2018