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Simone Gabriellini

Simone Gabriellini

I am an analytical and computational sociologist. I received a PhD from the University of Pisa, and was previously a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Bologna.

My research focuses on on-line based communications, diffusion of innovation, collaborative behavior, and status hierarchies in small task- oriented groups.

My work relies on social network analysis and on agent-based modeling as powerful tools to deal with the complexity of human behaviors and dynamic interactions.

I use social network analysis to describe empirical patterns and agent-based modeling to formalize and to study the social mechanisms underlying these patterns.

Programming is a longstanding interest of mine and I have advanced knowledge of Java, NetBeans IDE, Logo and NetLogo, R, SPSS, Python, Objective-C and XCode IDE. I have also advanced web skills in HTML, XML, CSS, Php, MySQL, ftp.

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