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Nathalie Bajos & Michel Bozon (eds), Sexuality in France : Practices, Gender and Health, Research coordinated by Nathalie Beltzer, Oxford, The Bardwell Press, 2012

This book presents the most recent and comprehensive scientific study of the sexual behaviour and attitudes of the French. Published for the first time in English, the work is based on a major research survey conducted in 2006–7 with 12,000 participants, and supported by the main social research and health agencies in France.
The findings of this important study paint a fascinating picture of the evolution of attitudes, behaviours, sexual practices and health issues in contemporary France. A major contribution to knowledge about sexual attitudes and behaviour, the work provides important information of concern to social scientists, health professionals and social workers alike, and to all those interested in a better understanding of contemporary sexual life.

28 September 2012, Hardback, 590pp
ISBN 978-1-905622-28-3, £150.00
GEMAS Studies in Social Analysis Series

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