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Atelier : "becoming cosmopolitan : an international research project on cosmopolitan socialization amongst young people (Australia, France, Canada)"

organisé par Vincenzo Cicchelli les jeudi 24 et vendredi 25 novembre 2011 au GEMASS

The overriding reason for proposing an international comparative research project focused on how young people become cosmopolitan is due to the substantial lack of knowledge and understanding regarding the emergence of transnational shared practices, values, norms, behaviours, cultures and patterns of affiliation amongst young people. We do not know yet how young people combine local allegiances with a broader sense of belonging, how they manage multiple identities linked to geographic and other dimensions of belonging, and how aspects of global politics and culture intersect with the local.

Over the last few decades, a sizeable body of cross disciplinary research has focused on the development and impact of a global society on individual lives. Most recently, the focus has been on the cosmopolitan consequences of such changes. The idea of cosmopolitanism has re-emerged in the last twenty years as a major focus for debates about social change, globalization, and cultural difference(s). It also represents a significant theme in questions of public policy and political ethics suited to the challenges of a global society. Part of the social scientific challenge of such an idea lays in its articulation at the level of the ‘really existing’ layer of everyday life.

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