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V. Cotesta, V. Cicchelli et M. Nocenzi (eds), Global society, Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights, Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Global Society, Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights is the outcome of a decade-long scholarly project. The point of convergence emerging from the analyses contained in this volume is that “global society”, “cosmopolitanism” and “human rights” are likely to constitute the basis of present and future ways of life. The “project for humanity” of the future, while resting on local social associations, will have “globality” as its reference.
A world dominated by globalisation processes obliges the social actors, on the one hand, and the institutions, on the other, to consider matters regarding issues of belonging, social ties and areas of action that go well beyond the classical nation-state picture. It is, therefore, essential to understand how human communities, individuals, and institutions relate to globality and its outcomes, particularly the désenclavement (unlocking) of the contemporary world.
This volume provides detailed analyses of some of the dominant traits of the global society : the main dynamics of world unification, cosmopolitan lifestyles and mind-sets, and human rights as a form of regulation of human relations within this kind of society. The different articles are grouped according to their methodological features : the first part of the book is devoted to essays of a theoretical kind ; the second to prevalently empirical studies.

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